About EDAI Creatiu

At EDAI we believe in integrating the assistance tasks with training and scientific research in order to offer knowledge and consistency in clinical practice, both within our team and in other professionals working in development and families.
With this purpose we have created EDAI Creative, a service that gathers a training unit directed at professionals, and a scientific research area that wants to prove with results the efficacy of the work undertaken by these professionals.

What we offer?

EDAI Teaching

Training is a fundamental aspect to perform an excellent assisting and prevention task. For this reason, EDAI is dedicated to promoting knowledge. We do so through the Training Unit UNDOC where we organise innovative training courses in the area of infant and child development and mental health, with outstanding national and international lecturers. UNDOC aims to respond to the training necessities of our professionals, either by renewing their knowledge or by becoming specialised.

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EDAI Investigation

Which practices are more effective, for which patients and in which contexts: this is the main study for the Innovation and Research Team (IRTEAM). IRTEAM assesses the methodology and therapeutic processes that our teams perform in order to improve their quality. This unit is a very useful component in a community with limited resources, and at the same time an ethical obligation for our patients. Research has demonstrated that therapeutic alliance is a key factor in clinical progress, and therefore, the patient´s satisfaction is basic in order to assess our own interventions.

Aims of EDAI Creative

  • Learning

  • Knowledge

  • Exchange