The Infant Attention and Development Team (EDAI) is a label that gathers various working units dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children and their families.

EDAI Early Years

Early Years

EDAI was created in 2006. In the beginning the social site of the organisation was located in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi Galvany, offering psychological services for children and adolescents and their families. In 2008, the Generalitat de Catalunya sponsored EDAI with the management of three Centres for Early Childhood Development Services in the disctricts of Les Corts-Sarrià and Sant Martí in Barcelona, and Sant Adrià de Besós. The social site then moved to Les Corts, in the CDIAP EDAI Les Corts-Sarrià.

At the same time, EDAI also manages other services: EDAI Health & Family and EDAI Early Years.

EDAI Health & Family

Health & Family

EDAI Health & Family is a multidisciplinary therapeutic private service of assessment, evaluation and intervention for children, adolescents and families that also intervenes in the natural environment of the child through the Environment Intervention Unit (UNIE), which receives the support of Obra Social of CaixaBank since 2013.

EDAI Training & Research

EDAI Training
& Research

  • The EDAI Training wants to respond to the training necessities of knowledge revising or specialising of professionals working in the areas of children, development and family, as well as professionals related to mental health and care services.

  • The EDAI Research Team, created from the interest in appraising and revising the methodology and therapeutic processes that our teams undertake in order to improve the quality of our service.


We are an organisation devoted to the attention of children with development difficulties or with the risk of suffering them, and their families. We promote a multidisciplinary model in order to help improve their quality of life, taking into account prevention, detection and assistance as well as support and environment factors and the development of assessment, training, teaching and research tasks.  



We aim to become a referent in the field of children and adolescent development and families by improving the quality of our clinical work, increasing our professionalism and being an organisation more efficient each day, better managed, oriented towards results and transparency. 

We are dedicated to be a responsible, flexible organisation, able to innovate and to integrate new learning, and faithful to provide for our society. Our work policy is that our services offer a personalised and individual care, where our patients become active in the decision-making process.


  • Innovation: promoting innovative processes to improve Infant and Child Development Services
  • Proximity: endorsing individual and personalised attention of the child and family.
  • Team work: supporting interdisciplinary work as the base for our Development Services.
  • Networking: promoting connections with the resources in our local area.

Core team

As our services evolved and matured, the EDAI team has expanded, and nowadays it is formed by about 30 professionals specialised in early years, children and adolescent development, in the areas of psychology, pedagogy, neuropediatrics, speech therapy, physiotherapy and social work.

Anna Chiara Vighi Psicòloga i Psicomotricista annachiara@edai.cat
Ariadna Clotet Fisioterapeuta ariadnaclotet@edai.cat
Lara Vega Logopeda laravega@edai.cat
Jesús Molina Coordinador CDIAP EDAI Sant Martí i Piscoterapeuta molinavizcaino@edai.cat
Margalida Socias Psicòloga i Psicoterapeuta margalidasocias@edai.cat